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  • Red Oak Valley

Nathan and Allison's Dreamy Outdoor Fall Wedding

Nathan and Allison's wedding came to life at Red Oak Valley. Outdoor fall weddings are very popular at our wedding venue - they book so fast! The season brings a sense of the rustic theme that the couple wanted. From the barn to the farmhouse, autumn was written all over it.

Everything fell perfectly into place for Nathan and Allison.

They started their wedding weekend with an overnight stay at the beautiful Farmhouse at Red Oak Valley, which has accommodations for the entire wedding party (up to 17 people)! From relaxing on the back porch at sunset to awaiting the sunrise, Nathan and Allison enjoyed easily getting ready on the morning of their wedding without having to travel to the venue.

Not only did they begin their special day together, but they surrounded themselves by the people they love the most!

Nathan and Allison had so many special moments that it was hard to pick a favorite. When we spoke with Allison, she said she had the fondest memory of the ceremony - her outdoor fall wedding ceremony.

It seemed as if everything stood still for a moment while Nathan and Allison experienced an intimate moment as she walked down the aisle. One of the most wonderful things about a tucked-in wedding venue is that there are no outside noises.