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Why a Midwest Destination Wedding

When searching for the ideal Midwest wedding, be sure to take a look around Red Oak Valley!

We get all the feels as we think about our Midwest couples and the picturesque weddings we've hosted. We raise our hands high for the love, rustic extravagance, and unbeatable prices a Midwest wedding at Red Oak Valley has to offer! There’s something special about the vibes the Midwest pulls off - whether it is the rolling hills, the gorgeous sunsets peeking through the trees, the beautiful stillness of the many lakes, or the scenic state parks. The Midwest has it all - and it makes for unforgettable weddings!

Budget-Friendly with Exceptional Views

There's no need to escape to an extravagantly priced venue afar off when the Midwest truly has all the charming sights you could dream of. Missouri, smack dab in the middle of the Midwest, is known for its valleys, hills, and lakes. All of which create incredible photos for your special day.

At Red Oak Valley, we offer the best of all of the above! Whatever your wedding theme, you can count on us to coordinate it! The best part is that you get a gorgeous destination wedding at a fraction of the price! <