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Emilee and Jake’s Chic Black and White Wedding at Red Oak Valley

At a picturesque outdoor setting at Red Oak Valley, a bride in a fitted white gown with a long, embellished veil walks arm-in-arm with a groom in a classic black suit. They are accompanied by their wedding party, with bridesmaids in elegant, off-the-shoulder black velvet dresses holding white bouquets, and groomsmen in matching black suits and ties, all standing on lush green grass against a backdrop of leafless trees, showcasing the stylish black and white theme of their wedding at the White Barn.
Photo Credit : Brandi Keltner - BGstudios Photography

As the last leaves of autumn fell, Emilee and Jake chose the rustic charm of the White Barn to set the stage for their November wedding, which was anything but traditional. This beautiful couple transformed the White Barn’s timeless backdrop into a sleek and modern celebration, painting their day in striking black and white.

The Theme

Embracing a black-and-white theme, Emilee and Jake perfectly captured a growing trend in wedding aesthetics. This classic yet bold color scheme brought a modern and sophisticated flair to their MidWestern wedding day, setting a timeless and fresh trend.

Bride and bridesmaids in matching black pajamas, with heart-shaped 'Bride 2023' sunglasses, cheer and pop confetti, raising mimosas in celebration. They're outdoors at Red Oak Valley, enjoying a festive moment on the green lawn under a clear sky.

Excited bridesmaids in black robes and heart-shaped sunglasses that read 'Bride 2023,' laugh and point at the bride who is wearing a white robe. They are holding mimosas and celebrating outside the White Barn at Red Oak Valley, enjoying a sunny pre-wedding gathering.

The Florals

The stunning floral arrangements were a highlight, crafted by Watson’s Florist in Sullivan, Missouri. Dramatic white orchids and roses dominated the scene, creating a lush, luxurious atmosphere that complemented the clean lines and elegant simplicity of the black and white theme.

Inside the White Barn at Red Oak Valley, a bride and groom exchange vows at the altar, surrounded by rustic wooden beams and elegant white floral arrangements. The bride, in a delicate lace gown, faces the groom in a classic black suit. Bridesmaids in black off-the-shoulder dresses and groomsmen in black tuxedos line either side of the aisle, watched by guests seated in stylish black chairs. The scene is beautifully lit by a chandelier overhead, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The Attire

Emilee was the epitome of modern bridal beauty. For the ceremony, she wore a fitted gown with a sweetheart neckline and trending removable sleeves, allowing her to customize her look effortlessly. Her reception outfit switched to a playful short satin dress, perfect for dancing the night away. The bridesmaids wore off-the-shoulder long velvet gowns, enhancing the chic, monochrome palette, while the groomsmen matched the groom in sleek black tuxedos with white shirts.

A bride in a white lace gown with a feathered shawl stands with her bridesmaids outdoors at Red Oak Valley. The bridesmaids, dressed in elegant black velvet off-the-shoulder gowns, hold bouquets of white flowers. The group poses confidently on the lush green lawn, with the bare trees of late fall in the background, showcasing the chic, monochromatic theme of the wedding.

A happy bride and groom stand together on a grassy hill at Red Oak Valley, with the White Barn as a picturesque backdrop. The bride, in a detailed white gown with a long flowing veil, smiles broadly, nestled against the groom in a classic black suit. The clear blue sky and the lush green setting emphasize the joyful and serene atmosphere of their wedding day

The Reception Details

The reception at the White Barn was meticulously designed down to the smallest detail. Guests dined at tables set with white scalloped chargers and custom nameplates, each setting a testament to the couple’s attention to detail. The black and white theme continued seamlessly, providing a visually striking, elegant, and inviting contrast.

Bride and groom share their first dance inside the beautifully decorated White Barn at Red Oak Valley. The bride, in an elegant lace gown, gracefully spins under the groom's hand. The rustic wooden beams and chandeliers of the barn create a warm, inviting atmosphere, with seated guests watching and enjoying the romantic moment.

An unforgettable moment from Emilee and Jake's special day was their nighttime bridge photo session—a highly sought-after feature for many couples at Red Oak Valley. Unlike the usual daytime shots, they chose to capture their love under the stars, adding a glamorous twist with a champagne pop. The sparkling lights from the bridge and the effervescent champagne created magical, cinematic images that are a must-have for any couple. This set their wedding apart and gave them extraordinary memories to cherish forever. If you're looking for that perfect blend of romance and celebration, consider scheduling your nighttime bridge photo shoot—it's truly a must-do!

Inspired by Emilee and Jake's stylish day? Black and white weddings are not just chic—they’re timeless. Whether you envision a wedding that embraces the elegance of monochrome or you want to blend trends with tradition, Red Oak Valley is the perfect place to bring your vision to life. Contact us to explore how our venues can set the perfect stage for your special day, or schedule a tour to see the magic of Red Oak Valley firsthand. Let us help you create a wedding as unforgettable as Emilee and Jake's.



Catering: Red Oak Valley

Videographer: BG Photography

Bakery: Nothing Bundt Cakes

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