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2024 Color Trends: The Timeless Elegance of Emerald Green


An image showcasing the color trends for 2024 at Red Oak Valley Wedding Venue. It features a color palette of Emerald, Black, and Gold. On the left, a deep, rich shade of Emerald Green. In the center, a lustrous, warm tone of Gold. On the right, a bold and elegant Black. Below the color blocks, the text reads 'Color Trends: EMERALD, BLACK & GOLD' in a sophisticated script font. The bottom of the image has the website 'REDOAKVALLEY.COM' in a clean, uppercase font against a green banner that matches the emerald color swatch."]

A Tale of Romance and Elegance at Kelly and Daniel's Red Barn Wedding

As we embrace the new wave of wedding color trends in 2024, one pairing is captivating hearts with its sheer elegance and timeless charm: Emerald Green and Gold. At Red Oak Valley, we are pretty partial to this color pairing - dare we say we were ahead of the trend! This luxurious duo is not just a color choice; it's a statement of sophistication and enchantment. At Red Oak Valley, we were recently graced with a wedding that perfectly encapsulated this trend – Kelly and Daniel's magical day at the Red Barn.

A joyous bride and groom walk down the aisle at a courtyard wedding at Red Oak Valley's Red Barn, surrounded by applauding guests. The outdoor ceremony is set against a backdrop of verdant hills and a clear blue sky, with strings of lights above. Guests are dressed in elegant attire, capturing a moment of celebration under the open sky. The bride, in a classic white gown with a bouquet of white flowers, shares a smile with her groom, who is in a black suit with a emerald green tie, complementing the wedding's color scheme.
Photo Credit: SKH Photography

Emerald Green and Gold: A Perfect Harmony of Nature and Opulence

Emerald green, with its deep, natural allure, pairs exquisitely with the shimmering elegance of gold. This combination brings together the tranquility of nature with the splendor of luxury, making it an ideal choice for couples looking to blend rustic charm with upscale glamour.

An elegant flat lay photo for a blog post about emerald green color trends at Red Oak Valley's Red Barn wedding venue in Owensville, MO. Central to the image is a wedding invitation featuring the names 'Kelly Nicole Klaus' and 'Michael Tevlin' for a September 2023 wedding. The invite is framed with a floral pattern in shades of green, white, and black. Accompanying the invitation is a delicate emerald green ring box on a vintage floral plate, a string of classic pearls, and a pair of exquisite gold earrings with pearl drops, all laid out on a rich, dark wooden surface with a textured emerald green fabric swatch, evoking the luxurious and rustic charm of the venue
Photo Credit: SKH Photography

Kelly and Daniel's Enchanting Red Barn Wedding

The Red Barn at Red Oak Valley, with its historical charm and rustic beauty, served as the perfect backdrop for Kelly and Daniel's wedding. The couple embraced the emerald green and gold theme, infusing these colors into every detail of their special day.

- Bridal Party Elegance: Kelly's bridesmaids dazzled in emerald green gowns, each dress a beautiful contrast against the rustic backdrop of the Red Barn. Daniel and his groomsmen added touches of gold in their attire, perfectly complementing the overall theme.

A beautiful bridal party at Red Oak Valley's Red Barn in Owensville, MO, celebrates the color trend of emerald green. The bride, in a classic white gown, is flanked by her bridesmaids and a young flower girl, all dressed in elegant emerald green dresses. They are holding bouquets of ivory roses, complementing the rich green tones of their gowns. Behind them is a serene lake, enhancing the natural beauty of the setting. The group is smiling warmly, capturing a moment of joy against the picturesque backdrop of the venue's outdoor scenery
Photo Credit: SKH Photography

- Decor and Ambiance: From the floral arrangements to the table settings, emerald green and gold were thoughtfully incorporated. The tables were adorned with emerald linens, gold flatware, and centerpieces featuring lush greenery with golden accents. The combination created a rich, inviting atmosphere, perfectly encapsulating the blend of rustic and elegant.

- Special Touches: The couple's attention to detail was evident in the personalized elements. Their invitations featured elegant emerald and gold designs, setting the tone for the event. The wedding cupcakes, a masterpiece of confectionery art, were adorned with emerald green icing and gold embellishments, becoming a focal point of the celebration.

a bride and groom pour champagne into a tower of champagne coups

A bride and groom sip from a champagne coup atop a tower of coups filled with champagne.

Incorporating Emerald Green and Gold into Your Wedding

If you're inspired by Kelly and Daniel's wedding and want to incorporate these colors into your own celebration, the possibilities are endless. Whether it's through attire, decor, or even in the finer details like your wedding invitations or cupcakes, this color combination promises to create a stunning visual impact.

A bride and groom at Red Oak Valley's Red Barn in Owensville, MO, share a celebratory moment during their reception. The bride, in an elegant off-shoulder white gown, and the groom, wearing a classic black suit with an emerald green tie, are pouring champagne into a tower of glasses. The bride is holding a golden bottle, smiling brightly as the bubbly liquid cascades down the tiers. The rustic ambiance of the barn is accentuated by the warm wooden walls and soft lighting, highlighting the emerald green color trend in their wedding attire and decor."
Photo Credit: SKH Photography

A Timeless Choice for Your Wedding Day

Emerald green and gold is a trend that transcends time, offering a blend of natural elegance and sophisticated charm. As you plan your wedding, consider how this enchanting color combination can bring magic to your day, just like it did for Kelly and Daniel at the Red Barn.

For more ideas and inspiration on making this trend a part of your wedding story, visit us at Red Oak Valley, where your dream wedding awaits.


Talented Vendors :

Venue: Red Oak Valley - Red Barn

Catering: Red Oak Valley

Photographer: SKH Photography

DJ: Porta Party DJ

Florist- Floral JAZ

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