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Elegant Weddings Redefined: Discover Red Oak Valley's Historic Red Barn and Modern White Barn

In the heart of Red Oak Valley, two unique venues await to turn your wedding dreams into reality. Here, every corner whispers stories of love, history, and timeless elegance, creating the perfect setting for your special day.

A bride in a white lace gown and groom in a black suit walking hand in hand with their wedding party outside a white chapel, embodying joy and elegance at a countryside wedding.
Photo Credit - Amanda Musselman Photography

The Red Barn: A Nostalgic Blend of History and Romance

The Red Barn, dating back to 1904, is a testament to architectural beauty, blending historical significance with romantic charm. It's an ideal venue for those who envision a wedding enriched with tradition and grace.

A spacious red barn event venue with white trim under a blue sky adorned with string lights, surrounded by manicured lawns and a rustic outdoor setting.
Photo Credit: Haven Hill Studios

Four Stunning Outdoor Ceremony Sites

Offering a choice of four outdoor ceremony sites, the Red Barn caters to diverse preferences. Whether it's the rustic Inside the Red Barn, the quaint Courtyard, the serene Oak Grove, the peaceful Lakeside, or the picturesque Dockside, each setting promises a uniquely beautiful backdrop for your vows.

Inside a red rustic barn wedding venue, elegantly set tables with white linens and floral centerpieces are ready for guests, with soft drapery and warm lighting creating an inviting atmosphere.
Photo Credit: Haven Hill Studios

A bride and groom walk back down the aisle at an outdoor wedding. Friends and family flank the aisle, clapping as the couple passes.
Photo Credit: SKH Photography

A bride and groom stand in front of a decorative wedding arch. They stand in front of a lake, under the shade of large trees, surrounded by friends and family.
Photo Credit : SKH Photography

A bride and groom stand in front of a wooded wedding arch. They stand in front of a lake, surrounded by friends and family.
Photo Credit : BLK Photography

Elegant Preparation Spaces

The Hen House and The Hayloft, remodeled with modern amenities, provide stylish and comfortable spaces for getting ready, doubling as perfect backdrops for capturing your wedding day moments.

Comfort Throughout the Seasons

Designed to ensure comfort for you and your guests, the Red Barn is fully equipped with heating, cooling, and indoor restrooms, catering to every need regardless of the season.

Stay in Our Farmhouse

Enhance your wedding experience with a stay in our charming farmhouse, which is included with most venue rentals. This offering allows you and your guests to extend the celebration in a cozy, homely environment.

The farmhouse at Red Oak Valley sits in a a big field. The large, white home hosts friends and family of our Red Barn couples.


The White Barn: Modern Elegance Meets Serenity

In contrast to the Red Barn's historical charm, the White Barn, opened in 2022, ushers in a contemporary chapter. This modern venue is perfect for couples seeking a fresh and airy wedding atmosphere.

Photo Credit - Amanda Musselman Photography

The Yard: A Modern Outdoor Setting

"The Yard" at the White Barn provides a serene outdoor ceremony space, harmonizing with the sleek architecture of the barn for a stunning, contemporary wedding setting.

Photo Credit: Haven Hill Studios

Photo Credit: Haven Hill Studios

Indoor Chapel: A Touch of Modern Tranquility

The indoor chapel at the White Barn offers an intimate and elegant alternative for your ceremony, embodying a peaceful, modern ambiance.

Photo Credit - Amanda Musselman Photography

Photo Credit: Tara Mitchelle Photography
Photo Credit: Amanada Musselmann Photography
Photo Credit : Tara Mitchelle Photography

A Story in Every Detail

Crafted with hand-selected materials, including historic wooden beams and a pre-prohibition era bar, the White Barn is not just a venue but a tapestry of stories.

Photo Credit - Amanda Musselman Photography

Photo Credit - Amanda Musselman Photography

Photo Credit: Toni Wieberg Photography LLC

Onsite Lodging for Ultimate Convenience

Understanding the importance of comfort and convenience, Red Oak Valley offers onsite lodging for both the Red Barn and the White Barn. These accommodations provide a luxurious and comfortable stay, ensuring your wedding is not just an event but an unforgettable experience.

At Red Oak Valley, whether you're drawn to the rustic elegance of the Red Barn or the contemporary chic of the White Barn, your wedding day is set to be a beautiful blend of style, comfort, and unforgettable moments.


As you stand on the cusp of beginning your forever, Red Oak Valley is here to ensure every detail of your wedding day is steeped in beauty, comfort, and timeless elegance. With our 2025 and 2026 calendars now open and just a few dates still available in 2024, securing your wedding day in either the historic Red Barn or the modern White Barn is within reach.

We invite you to book a tour and see for yourself why Red Oak Valley is more than just a venue—it's where your love story comes to life. Witness the blend of history and modernity, feel the warmth of our preparation spaces, and envision the start of your new chapter in our serene outdoor settings or intimate chapel.

Don't just dream about your perfect wedding—make it a reality at Red Oak Valley. Schedule your tour today and take the first step toward a day you'll cherish forever.


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