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3 Must-Try Color Combos for a Perfect Spring Wedding

Springtime is here, and so are the sunshine and beautiful flowers! It's the perfect time for outdoor weddings, and choosing the right color combo can make all the difference. If you're planning a spring wedding, choosing the right colors can be overwhelming with so many options available. Don't worry because we've got you covered! Here are three of our favorite trending color combos for Spring Weddings: Sage Green and Lavender, Fuschia and Pink, and Champagne and Peach. Read on to know more!

Sage Green and Lavender

This color combo is fresh, romantic, and perfect for an outdoor wedding. Sage green gives off an ethereal vibe, while lavender adds a pop of color. These two colors complement each other perfectly and can be incorporated in different ways, from bridesmaid dresses to floral arrangements and table linens.

To take it a step further, add visual interest with gold or silver accents in tableware and décor.

Kayla and Matthew's rustic yet elegant wedding at the Red Barn was a masterpiece of these striking colors! With an enchanting blend of vintage gold, sage green, and lavender, the couple created a picture-perfect setting that perfectly embodied the warmth and love of their special day.

Fuschia and Pink

For couples who want a brighter and bolder look for their big day, Fuchsia and Pink are must-try. The bright fuchsia shades bring joy, enthusiasm, and energy to your wedding décor, while soft pink adds a touch of softness and romance.

Try pairing fuchsia bridesmaid dresses with pink accents, flowers, and candles to create a vibrant, modern look.

This styled wedding radiates elegance and style with its effortless pairing of delicate pinks and bold Fuschia. The result? A timeless and gorgeous celebration that sparkles with personality and charm. Get ready to swoon and fall in love with this whimsical delight!

Champagne and Peach

Champagne is a subtle and elegant color that pairs perfectly with peach for a romantic and sophisticated look. Soft champagne tones provide a neutral backdrop, while peach brings a pop of color that embodies all things love. Incorporate champagne through linens and dinnerware and add tones of peach flowers to bouquets and centerpieces.

This color combo can also be elevated with metallic accents like rose gold or silver, adding glamour and luxury to your special day.

Choosing the right color combination for your wedding ceremony and reception can be overwhelming. Hence, we hope these three color combos, Sage Green and Lavender, Fuschia and Pink, and Champagne and Peach, have inspired you for your Spring Wedding. Whatever colors you choose, make sure they reflect your style and personality so that your special day is truly memorable. Happy planning!

Talented Vendors Featured:

Photographers: Sage & Green - BLK Photography | Fuschia & Pink - Rochelle Mapels | Peach & Champagne - Haven Hill Studios

Florist: Fuschia & Pink - Belli Fiori

Planner: Pink & Fuschia - Events Luxe

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