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Finding the Perfect Wedding Gown for Your Rustic Wedding

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Are you searching for the perfect wedding dress? Cue the endless tears, never-ending smiles, and overwhelming love because you will experience all the emotions when slipping into your perfect wedding gown. Trying on dresses can feel intimidating and nerve-wracking, but we have a few takeaways that will leave you feeling relieved and ready to yes to the dress!

Go to a One-Stop-Shop.

Have you been a part of a wedding that made you go to five different places to get all the attire? We worked with an amazing bridal shop, Mimi’s Bridal and Boutique, that supplies the gown, accessories, tuxes, bridesmaids, and more! They serve brides all over Missouri! Not only can Mimi’s Bridal customize your wedding gown to your perfect vision, but they provide expert advice on all things when it comes to your wedding day. Mimi’s Couture Bridal is also in Kansas City, Kansas, for the brides that want a taste of elegance and couture. We also love Margo's in Union Missouri, Ana Marie’s in Jefferson City, Magnolias in Cape Girardeau, and