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Finding the Perfect Wedding Gown for Your Rustic Wedding

Are you searching for the perfect wedding dress? Cue the endless tears, never-ending smiles, and overwhelming love because you will experience all the emotions when slipping into your perfect wedding gown. Trying on dresses can feel intimidating and nerve-wracking, but we have a few takeaways that will leave you feeling relieved and ready to yes to the dress!

Go to a One-Stop-Shop.

Have you been a part of a wedding that made you go to five different places to get all the attire? We worked with an amazing bridal shop, Mimi’s Bridal and Boutique, that supplies the gown, accessories, tuxes, bridesmaids, and more! They serve brides all over Missouri! Not only can Mimi’s Bridal customize your wedding gown to your perfect vision, but they provide expert advice on all things when it comes to your wedding day. Mimi’s Couture Bridal is also in Kansas City, Kansas, for the brides that want a taste of elegance and couture. We also love Margo's in Union Missouri, Ana Marie’s in Jefferson City, Magnolias in Cape Girardeau, and Rose Bella in Joplin.

Be Open-Minded.

Brides, we all have our fairy-tale idea of how our wedding gown will look. We may want the cascading buttons, lace sleeves, and the plunge of a deep neckline. What if you try on other styles and stray away from your envision? This is okay! Don’t get discouraged - Love comes in many different forms. Try on the ball gown. Try on the mermaid. Finding the perfect dress has no boundaries.

It’s okay to commit.

Is this your first time trying? When you met your fiance, you said yes, without a doubt. You knew that he was the one, and you did not go searching for more. This is the same as your wedding gown! Can you see yourself walking down the aisle to your soulmate in the dress you are in? Be bold and say yes. Embrace the process of slipping on that white gown while the ones that love you the most watch you. It’s magical!

Bring your Most Loved Ones.

Let me make this clear. Your bridal appointment is about you - only you. Who are you going to bring? Bring the women in your life that will empower you, cheer you on, and value your opinion. It can be tough to exclude some people you dearly love, but we remember the adage, “quality is better than quantity.” Three opinions that embrace your decision brings more enjoyment than ten strong beliefs that bring you down.

Be prepared - physically and mentally!

As stated before, it can be overwhelming finding the perfect gown. However, if you bring the right clothing, you can envision what it will be like on your wedding day. Girl, put on your favorite outfit, a touch of makeup, your strapless bra, your best undies - LOL! Even add touches of accessories when you’re at the bridal shop to see the full picture. Before your bridal appointment, take a look at styles, colors, and silhouettes that you may be interested in. Also, have your heart filled with love and preparation to say yes to the dress!

Falling in love with your wedding gown often feels the same as falling in love with your fiance.


Decor Styling: AB& Co.

Hair & Makeup: 28th & Main

Bridal and Formal Wear: Mimi's Bridal - Sullivan Missouri

Are you looking for the perfect barn wedding venue? Look no further - Red Oak Valley offers your dream venue whether you want an indoor wedding, outdoor wedding, a breath-taking lake view, or a fairytale forest background. The rolling hills of Red Oak Valley will give you the wedding photos you have always dreamed of. Your guests will be in awe of the rustic barn featuring an attached silo with intricate designs, cascading lights dangling as they dance the night away, and an unforgettable destination wedding that will be remembered forever. We cannot wait to experience the love of every single couple!

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