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Wedding Cake Customs Explained

The wedding cake is a beautifully crafted delicacy that is inspired by long-honored traditions. It bridges cultures and spans generations in helping celebrate the milestone of marriage. Very often, brides and grooms invest valuable time and money in making selections without understanding their historical significance. As Owensville’s premier wedding and event venue, we think it’s meaningful to look back. Come and reflect with us on wedding cake traditions that prevail through eras.

Cutting The Cake

It used to be only the bride who cut the wedding cake - today, both partners share in the deed. The act, captured here by Rochell Maples Photography, represents the first activity done together as a married couple and is meant to display cooperation and support. Family and friends eagerly anticipate the classic moment and their chance to taste the sugared confection they've been eyeing throughout the reception.

Feeding The Cake

It's the ritual that often turns from sweet to silly. The bride and groom feed each other cake to demonstrate their willingness to provide for each other. Interestingly, the tradition has evolved in some cases to the groom or bride, smashing the cake into their partner's face. While not all couples are into this one, it can be a fun, playful way to add humor to the celebration and an excellent opportunity for a dramatic photo op.

Saving The Top Tier

In the past, couples saved the top tier of their wedding cake to use during their first child's christening, which everyone believed would come within the year following the wedding. It was more cost-efficient to store a portion of the cake in the icebox than to purchase a new one. Today's couples generally wait longer to start their families, so they'll save their cake's top tier for their first anniversary.

Wedding cake customs have been around for a long time, and they are not likely to go out of style. Like the gown, those delectable, fluffy layers are symbolic treasures.

Thank You To Our Amazing Vendors

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