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The Ultimate Guide to Mid-Missouri Wedding Vendors from Red Oak Valley


Your wedding day is a celebration of love, and at Red Oak Valley, we understand the importance of every detail. That's why we've carefully curated a list of the finest Mid-Missouri wedding vendors – a collection of professionals who excel in making your big day as exceptional as your love story. From photographers capturing your precious moments to florists creating breathtaking arrangements, our recommended vendors are the best in their fields.

1. Photography Excellence:

In the world of wedding photography, capturing the essence of your special day is an art. Our list includes renowned photographers like Haven Hill Studios, known for their light, timeless, and true-to-color images, and SKH Photography, celebrated for their dark and moody photo style. Download our guide to discover more exceptional photographers who will immortalize your wedding day in stunning detail.

A bride and groom sharing a romantic embrace on the lawn in front of a white chapel. The bride is wearing a fitted lace wedding gown and holding a bouquet with orange and white flowers, while the groom is dressed in a light beige suit. Behind them, the chapel features arched windows, and there is a large cross sculpture to the right. The setting sun casts a soft, warm light on the scene, indicating it might be late afternoon or early evening.
Photo Credit: Haven Hill Studios

2. Unforgettable Floral Designs:

The right floral arrangements can transform any venue into a dreamy landscape. Our preferred florists, such as Old World Creations and Turtle Hill Farms, offer creative and modern styles that will elevate your wedding decor. Whether you prefer bright and airy or lush and romantic, our guide will connect you with the perfect florist for your style.

Photo Credit: New Eden Studios

3. The Perfect Cake and Desserts:

A wedding cake is more than just a dessert; it's a centerpiece that reflects your taste and style. Top Tier Cakes and Creations By Laura are just a couple of the exceptional bakers on our list. Known for their delectable cakes, cupcakes, and sweets, they'll ensure your wedding dessert is as delicious as it is beautiful.

Photo Credit: Haven Hill Studios

4. Seamless Event Planning:

Wedding planning can be overwhelming, but with the right team, it becomes a joyous journey. Our vendor list includes full-service planners like Delight Events and KS Wedding Rental, who offer everything from event planning to photo booth and flower wall rentals. They’ll handle the details, so you can focus on enjoying your day.

5. Exclusive Access to Our Vendor List:

Ready to explore the best Mid-Missouri wedding vendors? Red Oak Valley is offering exclusive access to our comprehensive vendor guide. This downloadable list includes our top picks for every aspect of your wedding, ensuring you have the best at your fingertips.

A man in a blue shirt hugs a woman in a wedding dress from behind at sunset. The image is overlaid with text that readys, "Your Vendor Dream Team"

Planning your wedding in Mid Missouri is the adventure of a lifetime, and with Red Oak Valley's recommended vendors, it's guaranteed to be beautiful, memorable, and uniquely yours. Download our guide now, and take the first step towards creating the wedding of your dreams.

To download your exclusive guide to Red Oak Valley's recommended Mid-Missouri wedding vendors, simply CLICK THE BUTTON ABOVE. Let’s make your wedding planning experience as joyful and stress-free as your love story deserves to be.

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