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Christmas in July: A Celebration of Winter Weddings at Red Oak Valley's Red Barn and White Barn


As the July sun illuminates our beautiful Red Oak Valley, we can't help but dream of cooler days and the unique charm of winter weddings. Today, we're offering a touch of festive cheer with a glimpse into how Christmas or winter-themed weddings come to life at our Red Barn and White Barn venues.

A joyful couple standing arm-in-arm, bathed in golden sunset light, outside the Red Barn at Red Oak Valley, which is adorned with festive Christmas decorations.

Red Barn, with its enchanting Edison lights and White Barn's minimalist elegance, offers couples unique canvases to paint their winter wonderland weddings on. Whether you prefer the sparkling ambiance of Red Barn or the chic sophistication of White Barn, winter weddings at Red Oak Valley always have something magical about them.

Elegant reception setup inside the Red Barn at Red Oak Valley, featuring twinkling Christmas lights, tables adorned with festive centerpieces, and a wintery atmosphere.

Winter weddings aren't just romantic; they also present a fantastic opportunity for cost-saving. Our venues are a blank slate and come with the included borrow boutique and linens, potentially easing some of your decor expenses. Plus, vendors are often more available during the winter than during the peak wedding season.

Sophisticated White Barn reception at Red Oak Valley, showcasing a minimalist yet festive Christmas theme with winter-inspired table decor under the vaulted wood beams.

Winter-themed head table at White Barn, featuring elegant decor, sparkling silver accents, and lush greenery under soft candlelight, setting a romantic ambience for winter weddings.

A winter wedding at Red Oak Valley presents an opportunity to incorporate fun Christmas elements. Picture your wedding under the soft glow of Red Barn's Edison lights or with the elegance of a White Barn ceremony. Christmas trees adorned with twinkling lights, hanging snowflakes, and festive decor can add a whimsical touch to your wedding day.

Detailed shot of head table decorations for a winter wedding, showcasing an eclectic mix of pine cones, red berries, and rustic elements, encapsulating the magic of winter weddings.

And don't forget about the rich color palette that winter weddings offer. Red, green, and white work harmoniously to set a festive and fun tone for your special day. Your wedding attire, tablescapes, and even your wedding cake can reflect these vibrant colors.

Winter wedding party posing outside White Barn, dressed in festive red, green, and black attire, complementing the snowy backdrop and embodying the spirit of winter weddings.

Finally, the magic of a winter wedding wouldn't be complete without Christmas-themed food. Indulge your guests' taste buds with delicacies infused with traditional winter flavors like cinnamon and peppermint. Red Oak Valley's signature cocktail BIG Red, is a huge hit for the winter season!


Book your winter wedding at Red Oak Valley's Red Barn or White Barn, and let us help you turn your Christmas wedding dreams into reality. Christmas in July never looked so enticing!

Featured Vendors:

Red Barn Photography: Four2North

White Barn Cake: Blissful Bakes

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